When our relationships get broken, it may lead to breakups. And most of us, love reading breakup quotes because we are too emotional sometimes. Or should I say all the time?

That is fine! I believe reading quotes about breakups on the internet is helpful in the process of moving on. I understand that letting someone go is very hard.

And then, we come to the point that we have nothing to do to ease the pain but reading those emotional quotes.

But reading those quotes for the breakup is not enough to remove the pain.

Yes! It is painful. For those of you who never experienced it yet, I tell you the truth, it is painful. The painful part is that the one you used to be with is the one you need to let go of. And the one you used to love, is the one you should have not loved.

In that emotional moment of your life, you may ask yourself, “Why do I have loved him?”. You may regret that you loved the person because it hurts so much.

Well, I want to tell you that there are five steps that I have learned to keep a relationship so we don’t need to read quotes after the breakup. We can find forever in love.

So fasten your seatbelt and be ready as I will reveal it to you right now.

Yes right now!

Step 1: Encourage Yourself in the Lord

This step is important to all people, whether you are in a relationship or you are planning to be in a relationship or not yet in a relationship.

It serves as the preparation of dealing with future problems in a relationship. You have to be a positive thinker and you should know how to control yourself from any storms that are coming.

Many people are always eager to go to step 2 in which they forget this step. This step is about fixing yourself first.

Getting into a relationship is not all about love and looking for the right man but it should be focusing on your being. This is a preparation for the coming of the right one for you. It is about learning to encourage yourself in the Lord.

Encouraging yourself with the help of our Lord is one of the secrets of a successful marriage. It is accepting who you really are and whom you should always look up to. And that is in God. Always look upon God so you will never forget that you are meant to conquer all trials that may come into your life.

So that in time that when your needs are not met by your partner or let us say, you are not given so much attention by him, you will not think about breakups or separation.

Remember we are created in God’s image and likeness (Genesis 1:27) meaning, we are meant to be righteous whatever happens to us.

Encouraging yourself in the Lord will lead you to always trust God’s ways in your relationship (Proverbs 3:4-7).

Doing this step will free you from being selfish. Do you want to know why? Because in a relationship, selfishness and pride will lead the relationship to separation.

Keep in mind that we must possess also Jesus’ characteristic as He doesn’t need men’s affirmation or attention. He doesn’t seek attention from men.

Instead, seek always God’s Kingdom and everything shall be added unto us (Matthew 6:33).

Are you still confused about how to encourage yourself in the Lord?

Let us make it simple.

When you feel down or stressed or tired in your relationship because of the problems you encountered? Just say Jesus and think of Jesus’ works and teachings.

Or simply, get your Bible and read it.

Step 2: Pick the Right One for You

Wooh! The right one?

You may ask me, how?

Choosing the right one is very easy but we are just making it complicated. It is about assessing the person and not just be carried away by your feelings.

The feeling of falling in love is dangerous. It can deceive you and make you blind to the criteria of assessing the person if he is the right one.

Ok, let us go in the one simple criteria of assessment to the person if he is the right one.

The I love You criteria!

Well, well, well, do not be deceived by these words. You may fall to the wrong one.

Here is our strategy. If a person tells you I Love You, do not just say I Love You Too. But instead, ask that person, “Why do you love me?”

Then if the person answers have the following phrases and words, do not choose that person. Close your door for him.

  • I Love You, because…
  • I Love You, if...
  • I Love You,when….
  • I Love You,whenever
  • I Love You,every time
  • I Love You,the way you...
  • I Love You, as long as
  • JustLove Your…..

Those are just some few words of the wrong man answering the question, “why you love me?”.

But the right man will simply answer that question with…

I Love You for No Reason

That’s it!

Choose the person who will love you for no reason because for sure, even if you lose everything you have, that person will stay by your side forever.

Just as how God loves us unconditionally.

For your additional information, there is no such scripture in the Bible telling us why God loves us.

Remember, we are sinners and yet He loves us for no reason, He even gave his only begotten son to die for us. So my dear friend, pick the right one who will not require you anything for him to love you.

Nothing in this world is permanent. Everything will change, your good looks may fade away, and your career may be gone soon as you grow older and your feelings of being in love with the person will also change but loving for no reason will last forever.

Step 3: Learn to Forgive

Colossians 3:13

“Bear with each other forgive one another if any of you have a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgive you”.

Many marriages today, forget this step. After finding the right one never stops there.

You both need to make your relationships work. No one is perfect and as long as we are in this world, there are many problems that we will encounter and there are mistakes that we commit.

In relationship forgiveness is important. It is one key to keep your relationship.

Many couples lead to breakup or separation or got divorced because they don’t forgive each other’s mistakes.

It is a command from God in Colossians 3:13 that we have to forgive our fellow as our dear Lord forgive our sins.

So never hesitate to forgive your partner if they did something wrong. Even if it is over and over and over again, never get tired to forgive your partner. Don’t give up on your relationship. Keep fighting for it.

I remember one time my aunt and her husband are fighting. My aunt’s husband is a drunkard that is why they always fight. They come to the point that their fighting is so intense that my aunt needs run and her husband is hunting her with a big knife on his hands. So my aunt hides to our house, as we call the police.

But the amazing part is that my aunt forgives his husband and until now, they are still together.

My point here is, a small or big mistake of our partner, we must forgive.

Forgiveness helps the relationship to restore the romance of each couple, so it is important to learn to forgive.

Step 4: Do Not Expect

Expecting something to our partner can lead us to disappointments.

Keeping our relationship is reducing our expectations.

Do you want to know why?

Here is a simple presentation.

Expectation==>Disappointment==>Division==>Divorce/Separation==>Death of Relationship

So if there is an expectation, it will lead us to disappointment.

Wherein our disappointments create a division of decisions.

And this division of decisions may lead to the separation of a couple.

Resulting in the death of the relationship. No more love, no more concerns, no more.

I know you don’t want that to happen, right? Me too. But as early as now, let us reduce or remove our expectations to our partners.

For there is an expectation, a reason loving a person is starting to grow. So stop it!

Step 5. Pray

Above all else, we should always pray to God that He will remove all boundaries that create dust in our relationship.

Let us always pray that God will remove our expectations to our partner.

So in this step is a challenge that you have to do.

Here it is.

Get a paper and pen, then make a list on paper all your expectations to your partner or the expectation that you don’t want to have.

After that, start praying to God to remove all those in your hearts.

Then, burn the paper, symbolizing that those expectations are gone.


There we have it!

So stop thinking of reading quotes about breakups because you don’t need them anymore.

Work on fixing yourself and start encouraging yourself into the Lord. Then be ready to choose the right one. But remember to learn to forgive. Ok?

And never expect too much. And always pray that your relationship will keep growing and ask God to remove all your expectations from your partner.

I hope you learn from it.

You can comment on your thoughts. I would love to know your feedback.

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