E – learning is a fast growing industry in the world today and no doubt it will continuously grow faster in the future. Online learning has a suitable learning environment.

As, Britain’s Open University study found that the production and provision of eLearning courses has the consumption of an average of 90% lesser energy. And 85% production of fewer CO2 release per student than conventional face to face.

Thanks to the power of electronics, online education provides learners an expansion to accumulate and develop knowledge and skills.

Say hello! to devices! And goodbye to books that might be old and moldy. As technology is innovating as well as online learning.

But in my observation, many e-Learning systems out there are ineffective. I wonder what and why these online educators are doing to make their eLearning courses fail.

And yet, they still continue to create failure courses. Can’t they realized they made a punishment to their learners because of their failure in designing the proper online course?

Ineffective Ways of Online Courses

Are you interested in these different ways of failing, which leads to an ineffective online learning course? Ok, let’s jump in!

I am, excited!

1. Irrelevant Content

Is your content king? In any type of education, content is the life of a course. And so do it on online education. In designing your course, remove the irrelevant content. It makes your online course ineffective because instead the learner will move forward; they got confused. They may suffer as they go through the course. So think twice before laying down your content.

2. Pure Text Content

Is your course content creative? Or it is on pure text?

Oh No!

If your eLearning system is using a pure text, you are just like a teacher purely reading a book to your student with no creativity or facial expression. And this leads boredom to your learners.


We are already in the digital age, you may want to use some other strategy to present your content, such as video, image and info graphics.

3. Lack of Personal Learning

Does your online course learner centered? The approach of an eLearning course is very important to learners. It must help the learners attain their specific objectives and goals. To make it happen, the online course must include different learning styles to determine which technique is effective for the learners. Even when implementing an eLearning course in a classroom. The facilitator of the course must be strategic.

4. Realistic Scenarios are missing

Does the course lesson content have realistic scenarios? If not, then the course is a failure. Digital learners mostly understand a topic when a realistic example is given. It is not enough to just clutter words and give irrelevant content. Learners may drop the course easily when they cannot understand and can’t relate to real time scenarios.

5. No Real-Time Support

Whether an online course is taken at home or implemented in a classroom, it must have a real-time support. The lack of real-time support is what it makes ineffective. The learner must have someone to lean on whenever he has a question in mind. The one that can answer his question as quickly as possible.


How about you? What do you think about eLearning? Do you have some courses online that you can recommend which was designed perfect?

I know you may find some problems on courses offered online if you will evaluate them. But I tell you there are solutions to these problems. Anyway, there is no such perfect course designed out there.

As long as you can catch the attention of your learners, that is already an excellent result.


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